It has come to our attention that in Costa Rica, there is a large market for photos with baby sloths. In order to foster this practice and give tourists a chance to take vacation photos, many mother sloths are killed. OUR EXPEDITION WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PARTICIPATE IN OR SUPPORT THIS PRACTICE. All photos and videos taken will be taken at or around the sanctuary. We will be going the extra mile to help the sloths, not hurt them or do anything to promote their suffering in any way. We support the mission of the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. 

Furthermore, we are absolutely disgusted by the very idea of this and will be doing everything we can to use Candace's time and efforts in Costa Rica to provide the Sanctuary with teaching tools so that they may help the local poachers understand the long term impact this practice will have. 

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    This blog will be updated by Candace and her associates throughout the process of funding and completing the expedition to Costa Rica. 


    February 2012