Such an intense day. 

I managed to pull together my promotion video and launch my Kickstarter campaign ( 
but I also had my heart break a bit as the gravity of one of Judy's (the founder of the sanctuary)
recent YouTube videos sank in. I made a decision: I want to find an incubator for the sanctuary 
before I leave the U.S. in April. I want to take at least one incubator, used or new, to Judy to show
her that things can get better and that people can and will help. 

It's such a simple thing, an incubator. 

My youngest daughter is 8 years old. When she was born, she had a heart murmur. I had to visit 
her in the nursery because she couldn't leave while hooked up to her monitors. The baby next 
to her was in an incubator. I would hold my daughter & nurse her & gaze at this poor little child
stuck in a hard plastic box, often crying. The emotion of watching this newborn struggle just to 
stay alive never left me. An incubator really is such a reasonable thing: A warm, safe, clean box. 
One would hope that anyone in need of one could access one. If the baby next to my daughter 
had been forced to share an incubator with another baby and if that incubator were being held
together with Duct Tape, you can bet your last cent that I would have figured out a way to find 
a better incubator for that child. Sometimes it isn't about what your actions will do for you. Not 
in the long run and not even in the short term. Sometimes it's comes down to just doing what's 
right because it's right. 

I'm not certain where this journey will take me tomorrow, but I'm certain that it will bring me one
step closer to obtaini
3/29/2012 01:30:40 am

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